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Hicoic is a content Management System , therefore, the insertion of data in this system requires sign up and create an account. Registration at Hicoic is as an acceptance of all provisions of this Agreement by the user and during registration enter your account information correctly and completely.
The username and password constitutes a personal permission to use Hicoic services, therefore username and password must be kept confidential by user.
Email Address that has entered in registration form by the user constitutes user address and account activation code and all mails including announcements, warnings, etc will be sent to this address. Therefore if the user entered the wrong address or delay in checking it, Hicoic would not be responsible.

Publication of information and content
Hicoic includes types of information such as :text, images and links to other sites that was inserted by the users in the system.Hicoic would not be responsible for contents that have not explicitly received symbol of quality assurance.
The user should be committed not to use of Hicoic services to release false, defamatory contents and inconsistent with the moral values.
Hicoic is allowed to set a limit on the amount of sent and received by the users and also on the amount of storage space, thereby can provide better services to users.
The user would not be allowed to use any trademarks without the informing or owner’s permission.

Conservation of Privacy
The user is committed to avoid any activities that cause disruption in the network and Hicoic services and also access to other users personal information.
The personal information of site users that is stored on Hicoic server is confidential and wouldn’t be available for other persons unless ordered by the authorities.
Hicoic is constantly changing and innovating in order to provide the best services to users and their audiences. Some of these changes may include how to provide the services or temporary or permanent cessation of provided services.
In the case of any changes in the Hicoic services agreement, the users will be notified in order to agree if they want to continue to use these services.
The user is responsible for any action which is against the provisions of this agreement as well as local and international laws and Hicoic can according to the discretion or breaking the laws by users, prevent the use of services and access to account or to send notice.
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