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Hospital : fateme plastic surgery center
Iran, Tehran

Overview :

The hospital was constructed by Mr.Papwn Nonchio and collaboration of Katholic church in Tehran in the 1976.It was first named az "Do Notre Dame of Fatima".During the years 1977 to 1978,put in to operation wards of internal ,surgery and other wards by the English staff and educated Iranian in England.
The year of 1979,with the victory of the Islamic Revolution ,It was renamed as Hazrateh Fatemeh and it was granted to Iranian staffs.
Since 1982,This center was promoted exclusively as Plastic and Reconstructive and Microsurgery center.
Presently,It is on of the uniqe hospitals rendering services in plastic and repair ,maxillofacial,hand ,microscopic,burn and aesthetics surgeries.
Since 2010 , it has become under the supervision of Tehran University of Medical Sceinces and began providing educational services for university students.

Vision :

The paramount Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Center top quality services in accordance with international standards in the Middle East

Mission :

Clinical Research Center, Hazrat Fatima (SA) service provider Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

Values :

1- provide the subspecialty services using the most advanced equipment and universal techniques
2- Based on patients rights to respect for human values
3- provide a happy environment and rely on job security
4- The creation a dynamic spirit of accountability and organizational learning
5- Providing space for interaction and collaboration in order to develop human resources and organizational commitment
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