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Hospital : Ghaem International Hospital
Iran, Rasht

Overview :

Ghaem International Hospital aims to provide health care services to the citizens of the country and foreign patients and will start working in the next few months. This hospital is built in an area of 10 thousand square meters and with a foundation of 20 thousand square meters in 5 floors and it has special sections and also VIP suites for health tourists. This hospital equipped by Helicopter site for a quick relief and also the diagnostic and treatment facilities are updated.

Vision :

The beautiful landscape and natural lake on the south side and an artificial pool on the north side are the other features of the hospital that provides pleasant atmosphere for patients.
According to the purpose of hospital's management ,this hospital is going to be the best hospital in the north of Iran to give services to local and foreign patients.

Mission :

Ghaem hospital services
- Emergency department and providing the necessary services I this area
- Helicopter site for a quick relief
- Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics
- Cardiac Intensive Care Unit- CCU
- Intensive Care Unit- ICU
- Performing all diagnostic and imaging services like Sonography, Radiography, CT Scan and Endoscopy
- Department of Cardiology, Angiography, CT Angio, Angioplasty and open heart surgery
- Department of Laparoscopic Surgery and Microsurgery in all surgical disciplines
- Department of rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
- Department of Dialysis
- Department of Organ Transplantation
- Department of Internal diseases
- Department of Microscopic surgery
- Department of Neurological diseases
- Department of Cancer and Oncology
- Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Painless Delivery)
- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit- NICU
- Department of disease in infants and children
- Department of infection and contagious disease
- Department of biochemical, hormonal, microbiological, cytological and Pathological tests
- Pharmacy
- Amphitheater for lectures and Academic seminars
- Department of research services and library

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