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Limited Surgery Center : Basir Clinic
Iran, Tehran

Overview :

It is about two decades since the start of Basir eye clinic activities. About 18 years ago when Basir became operational there was just a few Limited surgery centers in Tehran, but during a short period these centers demonstrated their ability in providing diagnostic and treatment services and expanded very fast.

Providing superior service, faster diagnostic and treatment process and the ease of access are some qualities of these centers which have caused satisfaction among patients.

Basir eye clinic have tried hard during this period to utilize the latest and most advanced technical equipment and the most celebrated eye surgeons to provide the highest standards of care for our patients.

The first eximer laser equipment in Iran came to reality in Basir eye clinic in 1993 which brought a phenomenal change to the whole eye care in Iran.

Since then tens of thousands of patients have been treated using different laser techniques with exceptional results.

Some other modern equipment like femtosecond laser, have been brought to service in this eye clinic for the first time in the country.

The high level of service and acceptable prices has caused the center to be well known not only in Iran but also in neighboring countries which is a source of pride for our ophthalmology community.

All these have caused a big responsibility for us to keep its pioneer status for now and the future.

To name a few this center always have utilized the latest and most advanced eximer lasers notwithstanding the very high prices of these equipment and the staff of the center have always tried to bring their knowledge to the edge of ophthalmology science. Our staff attends in a regular basis the most prestigious eye conferences around the world several times a year and we also have a very active research branch to help us in bringing us to forefront of ophthalmology science.

We follow these two rules as the basis of our service.

More service for our clients
To make our country the most advanced ophthalmology hub in Middle East region with worldwide reach.

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