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Research Institute : Royan Institute
Iran, Tehran

Overview :

Royan Institute is a public non-governmental non-profitable organization established in 1991 by the late Dr. Saeid Kazemi Ashtiani as a research institute for Reproductive Biomedicine and infertility treatments. In 1998 this institute was approved by Ministry of Health as Cell Based Research Center. Now this institute acts as leader of Stem Cell research and also one of the best clinics for infertility treatment. It has 46 scientific members and 186 lab technicians. Royan consists of three research institutes, each focused on different fields of research:

Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology (RI-SCBT)
Royan Institute for Reproductive Biomedicine (RI-RB)
Royan Institute for Animal Biotechnology (RI-AB)

Vision :

Royan Institute is a center of excellence in research and technology at an international level, pioneer in the development of science, technology and the innovation of biological sciences with the authority on stem cells science, reproduction, biotechnology, regenerative medicine, and is effective in improvement of health in the society.

Mission :

The mission of Royan Institute, which is aligned with the country’s comprehensive scientific roadmap and the Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) development plan, can be categorized as following:
• Research and development of science and technology in the fields of biology and reproductive biomedicine, stem cells and biotechnology
• Education and promotion of scientific findings in national and international levels
• Commercialization of research findings to offer services and biological products for the purpose of resolving the country’s scientific-specialized needs
• Treatment of Infertile patients and hard to treat diseases by efficient use of research findings.

Values :

Fundamental values are considered as the governing principle of the organization, final destination, and are the indicators of the organizational identity and behavior. From Royan Institute perspective, these values are based on the dignity of science and scientist, excellency, and divine contentment. Thus all of our human resources such as managers, researchers, and the staff have a perpetual dedication to promote the values with a rigid adherence to them. The most important values are as listed following:
1- Adherence to the Islamic-Iranian culture, justice, loyalty, honesty,
2- Striving to science development, creativity and innovation with emphasis on their utilities
3- Attention to the human dignity, reverence for patients, and obligation to medical and biological ethics
4- Reinforcing the superb humanitarian morals and traits, especially self-confidence, ambition, perfectionism (holism) and self-sacrifice
5- Raising the spirit of responsibility, accountability, and fondness of the environment
6- Emphasis on competence, discipline, and improving organizational quality and the sense of belonging
7- Praising group work, emphasizing on the staff health, promoting hope, openness, dynamism, and happiness in the workplace
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